About us

About Us

Welcome to Real Beauty School Store– Where Makeup Artistry Comes to Life

At Real Beauty School, we believe that makeup is more than just a beauty routine; it's a form of self-expression, a creative outlet, and for many, a path to a rewarding career. Our mission is to empower individuals like you with the skills, confidence, and knowledge to transform your makeup game, whether for personal satisfaction or professional pursuit.

Our Story

Founded by Valeria Heredia, a seasoned makeup artist, instructor, and beauty enthusiast, Real Beauty School was born out of a passion for making professional makeup artistry accessible to everyone. Valeria's journey began in the bustling aisles of a beauty salon, where she discovered the transformative power of makeup. Over the years, working with hundreds of clients with diverse skin types, tones, and textures, Valeria honed her craft and realized the need for comprehensive, approachable makeup education online.

Real beauty School's Master Makeup Program is the culmination of this experience – a platform where aspiring artists and makeup enthusiasts can come to learn, grow, and thrive.

What We Offer

Our flagship offering, the Master Makeup Program, is a testament to our commitment to quality education. This comprehensive program is meticulously crafted to guide you through every aspect of makeup artistry – from fundamental techniques to advanced application styles, and even the business aspects of being a makeup artist.

Whether you're picking up a brush for the first time or looking to polish your skills and get a certificate, our program is designed to meet you where you are in your makeup journey.

Why Choose Us

  • Expert-Led Training: Learn from Valeria and her team of seasoned professionals who bring real-world experience and a passion for teaching.
  • Flexible Learning Experience: Our online format is designed to fit into your life, not the other way around. Learn at your own pace, on your own schedule.
  • Support: Share, learn, and grow together in a supportive and inspiring environment.
  • Certification of Completion: Gain not just skills, but also a certificate that enhances your credibility and confidence as a makeup artist.

Our Vision

We envision a world where every makeup enthusiast has the opportunity to explore their passion, develop their skills, and achieve their dreams. At Real Beauty School, we're committed to making this vision a reality, one student at a time.

Join Our Community

Ready to start your journey into the world of professional makeup artistry? Join us at the Master Makeup Program, where your makeup artistry dreams become your reality.

Contact Us

Have questions or need more information? We're here to help. Contact us at Valeria@realbeautyschool.com